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News from the photography world

Michele Borzoni | Workforce. Work in the age of 4.0 economy

Michele Borzoni tells us about his latest book, Workforce: the project aims to open a window on the most critical and least explored aspects of contemporary work. A completely new jobs scenario, whose iconography differs greatly from that traditionally associated with the idea of production.

Roger Ballen | The dark side of the mind

Roger Ballen’s photographs are not easily described with words. After all, the same author stated: “Photography has nothing to do with words. My job is to organize visual relationships. “And he warns slyly:” If my images make you uncomfortable, you should understand why. Maybe they touched something deep inside you. That is not my problem, but it could be your problem”.

Grüne Linie | On the paths of the Resistance

Grüne Linie è il nome ufficiale della Linea Gotica, l’estrema difesa lungo l’Appennino tosco-emiliano dell’esercito tedesco in ritirata. Giancarlo Barzagli ci accompagna in un’esplorazione dei luoghi, dei reperti e dei volti di un territorio profondamente segnato dalle fase conclusive della Seconda Guerra Mondiale.