The environment: a pressing subject to which the world of photography is paying more and more attention.

The photographers have addressed the theme with very different approaches. On the one hand, the investigation and the denouncement of the consequences, often dramatic and irreversible, of climate changes and unsustainable growth that has destroyed habitats and ecosystems and endangered several species. On the other, the search for the beauty of nature and the celebration of it.

As stated by Joe Sartore, one of the most committed photographers on the environmental front, photography is a very powerful tool, “capable of showing environmental problems as nothing else can and it can bring people to worry about it “.

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News dal mondo della fotografia

Massimo Sestini | Mediterraneum

The exhibition Mediterraneum – The right to hope, shots from the sea, opened on 12 February at the Mandela Forum in Florence. The exhibition gathers 14 of the photographs taken by Massimo Sestini during the days spent on board the Bergamini Frigate.

Vivian Maier. Street photographer | A mystery in the mirror

A representative selection of over 120 images, in black and white and in colour that retraces the various aspects of the endless production by Vivian Maier, revealing the most intimate implications of a photographer, unknown up to 10 years ago, who today is a famous and beloved author.

Letizia Battaglia. A life for photography

Until March 15th, the Granaries of Villa Mimbelli will host a retrospective dedicated to Letizia Battaglia. We interviewed the curator of the exhibition, Serafino Fasulo and we even managed to obtain a brief, precious exchange with Letizia Battaglia.