Lee Friedlander – America by car

The American landscape as seen through the car’s rear-view mirror and windows. A visionary exploration beyond the already known, beyond the obvious, in a game of reflections and ironic references, in which each shot offers a new vision of the States.

Antonio Rovaldi – “Orizzonte in Italia”. Horizon in Italy

The result of a long bicycle trip in two stages along Italian coasts, “Orizzonte in Italia” by Antonio Rovaldi is a complex image that has formed over time, through an accumulation of gazes; it is at the same time the trace of an experience, personal and circumscribed, and of an imaginary world, collective and boundless.

Allen Ginsberg – Beat Generation family album

A passionate photographer, the poet symbol of the Beat Generation captured moments taken of the vortex of existence. A diary in pictures, taken travelling “on the road” through many countries with the greatest “beautiful minds” of American counterculture.

Bernard Plossu – Travel dust

A great traveler, Plossu has photographed and lived in various parts of the world, but the desert is one of the recurring themes in his work. His emphatic gaze rests on landscapes, things and people, following with a spontaneous approach and without hierarchies, the unstable rhythm of life and the pace of the journey.

The adventure of thought and gaze

Photography as a device capable of activating a thought, through which re-reading the landscape and the territory: from the seminal approach of Luigi Ghirri to Andrea Abati’s work and the more recent project “Around the Walk”.

Franco Vaccari – The journey as an exhibition

The artist subverts the usual relationship between photography and travel to create a completely new, anti-tourist, and anti-spectacular product and places the very act of traveling at the center of his reflection. The focus is on the journey, not the destination, in a deconstruction of traditional forms of representation.

Natalino Russo – Italy is a path

According to the author, “the only way to photograph and observe the world is to walk”. And by walking, along ancient and modern mountain paths, he has written a book – not a travel guide, but one that contains a philosophy of life. Here we also show the photos that marked his travel when creating the book.