RESET – Rethinking society and territory

A look at the four award-winning works from the open call launched by Sistema Festival Fotografia. An important contribution to the analysis of the complex and fascinating contemporary world, in which photography is a key element of interpretation and reflection.

Richard Mosse – “Displaced”. On unreal documents

At MAST in Bologna an anthological exhibition by the Irish photographer, whose work tackles urgent social, geopolitical and environmental issues by subverting the narrative of conventional media through the use of technology, often of military derivation.

Ilaria Abbiento – Sea, travel and the geography of thought

The sea is the soul with which the photographer from Naples has formed an indissoluble bond, it is her memory, captured by the maps and by her shots. Her work contemplates the idea of building a sort of poem, an aquatic anthology of visual and material stories, an imaginary archive of the sea and its variations.

The Mandrione alley in Franco Pinna’s photographs

In 1956, the great Sardinian photojournalist worked with anthropologist Franco Cagnetta on an investigation on the Mandrione, one of the most degraded areas in Rome. A “no man’s land”, of which Pinna succeeds in providing an authentic testimony.

Francesco Malavolta – Journey to the edge of humanity

For over twenty years, Malavolta has been reporting along the routes of migration, telling lives that would otherwise be invisible. His photographs and words denounce situations resulting from desperation and indifference, in which human rights and dignity are constantly trampled upon.