Explore new boundaries, tear down walls and barriers, expand your horizons. Man’s curiosity, his desire to go “beyond” pushed him further and further ahead. Even outside his own planet, as it happened with the space race, which culminated in the great planetary spectacle of the moon landing, an event that in 2019 is 50 years old, while humanity is dreaming of Mars. Back on Earth, the desire to change society, change reality and was trigger to revolutions, political upheavals, transformations, which in turn generated new worlds, not always the best possible ones.

The last century has seen some very difficult times and, in every important event, there was always at least one “devil” of photographer who, armed with the most disparate equipment, collected images to pass them on to posterity, telling stories about dramatic events, alternative realities and parallel universes.  Photolux Festival 2019 explores some of these “worlds” and significant events of the “short century”, through the eyes of great photographers.