Reality or fiction, document or art. Photography, from the very beginning, has been divided between two souls. Every photographer prefers one of them, even if the boundaries are often thin. A photo depicts real objects, but can be staged during shooting or worked on later. It happened with the analogue, it happens very easily in the digital age, not always for purposes of expression.

If the intent of photography is to inform, ethical questions arise now more than ever. Perhaps part of its charm lies in the ambiguity of photography. Suspended between the real and the imaginary, we are not sure that it always tells the truth. Only if the intentions of the author are clear can we admire the double language without fear of being deceived.


Scatta la Notizia

The project “Scatta la notizia” has had as its protagonists the students of two high schools in the Neapolitan territory, assisted by two exceptional teachers. For two years Photolux, with the support of Canon Italia and the collaboration of Neapolis.Art, has brought two great photographers, both winners of the World Press Photo, to accompany the kids in the world of visual communication.