Mathieu Asselin – “Monsanto: a photographic investigation”

The most effective story about this long history of social injustices and gruelling environmental struggles is the investigation by the Franco-Venezuelan photojournalist Mathieu Asselin with his Monsanto project. A photo investigation, tells the story of Monsanto that, from the beginning, has been known for the little transparency of its conduct, controversies with scientists and public opinion, investigations, cover-ups and scandals.

Photographers against wildlife crime

Can photography change the world? At least it can help. Images are an influential tool and they can drive attention on urgent issues. A book has been published in 2018: Photographers against wildlife crime, that managed to bring together 24 renowned wildlife photographers and their acclaimed works, creating a powerful visual narration to report international wildlife crime.

“Grüne Linie” – On the paths of the Resistance

Grüne Linie è il nome ufficiale della Linea Gotica, l’estrema difesa lungo l’Appennino tosco-emiliano dell’esercito tedesco in ritirata. Giancarlo Barzagli ci accompagna in un’esplorazione dei luoghi, dei reperti e dei volti di un territorio profondamente segnato dalle fase conclusive della Seconda Guerra Mondiale.