Beatrice Bruni

Professional photographer and teacher, Beatrice Bruni graduated in Photography at the Studio Marangoni Foundation of Florence in 2013, where she teaches Creative Photography with mobile devices in the second year of the Triennial Course. She has taken part in group and personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She gives lessons in basic and advanced photography, darkroom and visual language, for individuals, associations, schools, high schools, festivals and social cooperatives, where she uses photography in the aiding procedures. She teaches courses in creative photography for children.

She has been working as an assistant for e-Pitti since 2013. She manages the Studio Marangoni Foundation blog and the Facebook page of M-mag, an online magazine dedicated to contemporary photography. She is one of the founding members of Fragment, active in the territory for the knowledge and development of photographic culture. She is an honorary member of Fucine Collettive, for the visual and applied arts. She is the official photographer of the poetry and music festival “The importance of being small”. She collaborates with Photolux Festival of Lucca on a regular basis.

She focuses mainly on teaching, with a particular interest in mobile photography, instant photography and toy cameras. She pursues a personal photographic research, which is currently carried out in long-term projects. In addition to her private research, she collaborates with public and private institution, curating and organizing exhibitions and cultural activities.

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