Azzurra Immediato

Historian and art critic, she was born in Benevento and lives in Bologna where she graduated in Art at DAMS and subsequently graduated in History of Medieval and Modern Art at the Alma Mater Studiorum.

She arrived at the contemporary after years of work in HR, collaborating with important online magazines including ArtsLife, Il Denaro and Photolux Magazine, and some newspapers, writing about art, photography, design, video art. She has looked after and still looks after several up and coming artists as well as established ones, for many years she has worked for art galleries as a critic, in particular designing, writing and editing catalogues and art books, and as a curator for monographic and collective exhibitions; she also works on other types of installations and artistic projects.

Her passion for photography allows her to tend towards the search for new languages ​​and, in recent years, she has curated and directed some exhibitions in collaboration with Italian and foreign photographers, in national museums or festivals and she also followed charity and art therapy projects under university patronage. The last few years has seen some important personal exhibitions in Southern Italy and others in Emilia Romagna, together with an important workshop, focused on the aesthetics of the image, held with the photographer Paolo Verzone, at the Photolux Festival in Lucca, for two consecutive years.

In the last few months she also focused on video art and the theory of multimedia languages. She is also one of the first signatories of the ‘Art Thinking Manifesto’ which gives a central role in human existence to culture and curiosity for the world as values never to be forgotten.


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