Focus on

True Fictions – At the edge of reality

Staged photography, a genre that has revolutionized the language of photography since the 1980s, is at the heart of the exhibition now open again to the public in Reggio Emilia. Over one hundred works that, through staging, parallel realities, inventions inspired by cinema, show that pivotal moment that opened the doors of art to photography.

Paul Fusco – The photographer as witness

“We must be grateful to Paul Fusco for his determination to put us in front of what was done to cause suffering to all victims of injustice and wars, universally and across borders”. In memory of the great American photographer, who died in July 2020, and his work: a powerful, tragic, authentic document.

A customized view camera

We had promised to visit the Gibellini Project in person, so we went to the company’s production site in Polinago, near Modena: we found an artisan workshop where, thanks to the most advanced technology, precision folding cameras are born, completely customizable.

Portraits of a Therapy – The object as a metaphor

An archive of images, signs that tell of a unique and unrepeatable therapeutic experience. “Portraits of a Therapy” would represent a new portrait of psychotherapy, freeing it from meanings linked to fear or shame, and bringing it closer to people.