George Tatge – “Il colore del caso”

In the exhibition that marked the reopening of the Museo del Novecento e del Contemporaneo of Pistoia, the author surprises us with the colour and portrays, with a deep and meditative gaze, the unexpected beauty of reality.

The “Metropolis” by Gabriele Basilico

A large and in-depth anthology: over 250 images ranging from the Seventies to the year 2000 that show the journey of the Milanese photographer, from his first Italian works to the major international projects of documentation of urban fabrics.

Kenro Izu – Requiem for Pompei

Kenro Izu in conversation with Enrico Stefanelli talking about his last Italian exhibition, which presents a selection of 55 images realized inside the Archeological Park of Pompei.

Tommaso Protti – Amazon mission

The winner of the tenth edition of the Carmignac Award, which this year was dedicated to the fragile “green lung” of the world and deforestation issues, tells us about his reportage, now on display at MEP in Paris.

Werner Bischof – The force of compassion

Werner Bischof | Classics at Lu.C.C.A.: a selection of 105 photographs which allow the visitor to enter not only the universe of one of the great reportage photographers of the Twentieth century but also the history and the vocation of Magnum, the prestigious photojournalism agency.

Roger Ballen – The dark side of the mind

Roger Ballen’s photographs are not easily described with words. After all, the same author stated: “Photography has nothing to do with words. My job is to organize visual relationships. “And he warns slyly:” If my images make you uncomfortable, you should understand why. Maybe they touched something deep inside you. That is not my problem, but it could be your problem”.