Editorial Staff

Enrico Stefanelli – Director

Enrico Stefanelli is a photographer, journalist and curator. He also holds photography workshops.
He is the founder and artistic director of the Photolux Festival.

Daniela Mericio

Journalist since 1998, writer and editor for various media, from paper to the web and blogs, from TV to radio, with a focus on culture and photography.

Dario Orlandi

Professional photographer since 2002 and journalist since 2004, he has worked for the main Italian publishing groups and has done portrait and documentary work for institutional and private clients.

Beatrice Bruni

Professional photographer and teacher, Beatrice Bruni graduated in Photography at the Studio Marangoni Foundation of Florence in 2013, where she teaches Creative Photography with mobile devices in the second year of the Triennial Course.

Chiara Ruberti

Chiara Ruberti is the co-director and chief coordinator of the Photolux Festival of Lucca. As a freelance curator, she collaborates with Italian institution and organizations such as Dryphoto arte contemporanea (Prato) and Fondazione Studio Marangoni (Florence).

Paolo Mazzanti

Paolo Mazzanti has studied architecture in Florence before starting his career as a professional photographer.

Azzurra Immediato

Historian and art critic, she arrived at the contemporary after years of work in HR, collaborating with important online magazines and some newspapers, writing about art, photography, design, video art.

Claudia Stritof

Claudia Stritof is an art historian. She writes for various newspapers and magazines and works as a writer of scientific contents for exhibitions. She has an ongoing collaboration with the ONO art gallery in Bologna.

Daniela Tartaglia

She has been involved in photography since the late Seventies, she carried out her artistic research together with a passion for historical issues, heritage of her university years.

Luca Sorbo

Luca Sorbo is a photographer, teacher and curator. Specialized in history and technique of photography, he investigates the relationship between technique and language and the creative potentiality of photography.