Issue #3

Tra la folla di spettatori, il vicepresidente degli Stati Uniti Spiro T. Agnew (a destra) e l'ex presidente degli Stati Uniti Lyndon B. Johnson assistono al lancio del missile Saturn V che trasporta nello spazio la navicella spaziale con equipaggio Apollo 11 © NASA Archive

It is the musical genre that, perhaps more than any other, has moved the crowds, accompanied social revolutions, triggered cultural transformations. Rock, in its thousand variations, is the rhythm that many young generations have followed like a magical piper, a storyteller with an extraordinary power of aggregation. Part of its charm lies in the images – album covers, posters, shots of concerts and stars – that have accompanied the music. Photography has not only told rock in an excellent way, but has helped to create characters and legends and to rock the imagination by narrating stories that have become legends.

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