Intersections | issue#6

Stefano De Luigi – Pornoland. Hardcore cinema exposed

A journey through the sets of pornographic movies, behind the scenes of a parallel world that reveals itself in its paradoxical, everyday life. De Luigi moves on the edge of cinematographic representation, unveiling the complicated reality of the staging and dwelling on unusual personal aspects of the protagonists.

Jeff Bridges behind the lens. Panoramics from the set

The actor, an established photographer, tells us how a lifelong passion for photography was born, which allowed him to capture, in an original way, moments of life on set. A surprising black and white visual album, which offers a spontaneous vision of the “behind the scenes” in countless films.

Photography according to Hitchcock

Forty years after the death of the master of suspense director, an exhibition traces his career through set and backstage photographs taken at Universal Pictures films. One of which, a timeless masterpiece, has as its protagonist not only crime, but also photography.

Wim Wenders – Polaroid stories

Acclaimed director and also an internationally renowned photographer, between the Sixties and the Eighties, Wenders learned the art of cinema and found in the Polaroid a perfect complementary element to his research. With which he “plays” to describe places, spaces, encounters, obsessions.

Molecules. Hints of photography in Andrea Segre’s latest film

Woven with familiar and archival footage as well as images shot by the author in Venice, the film shows a sensitivity to the image close to photography. To photography as an introspective practice, as self-knowledge through the places that led the director to investigate both his father and the city.

Time and memory in Andrei Tarkovsky’s photography

Andrei A. Tarkovsky, son of the great Russian director, talks about his father’s intense relationship with Polaroid, which he used on set and in his private life. An irreplaceable travel companion, a visual notebook, a tool to freeze a fragment of reality, to stop time and project it into an infinite and absolute space.